Our Services

Exterior Signage

From long exposure to salt air to storm damage, exterior signs can take a beating on our coast. We specialize in using materials and fabrication techniques to help your signage last for years to come.
No project is too big or small. We can design, fabricate, and install all types of exterior signage including:


  • Pole and pylon signs
  • Monument signs
  • Entrance Features
  • Channel Signs & Letters
  • Lighted Signs
  • Exterior wall signs
  • Exterior wayfinding signage

Interior Signage

Interior signage services include:


  • Wall murals and environmental graphics
  • Backlit LED signage
  • Interior wayfinding and room numbers
  • Window graphics

    Developer & HOA Services

    We specialize in community entrance features of all sizes, street signs, and amenity signage.

    Our team works closely with developers, planners, and landscape architects to fabricate to their vision.

    Sign Restore also offers a turn-key design build approach and can develop a consistant signage package and brand for your community. 

    Existing Signage & Maintenance
    Using a range of new materials that are more condusive to coastal conditions, we can replace your signage with materials that will outlast the original..

    We also offer upkeep and maintenance services for property managers.

    Corporate, Healthcare, & Institutional Signage

    We work closely with corporate, healthcare, municipal, and institutional clients to insure strong adherence to their brand standards as well as ADA guidance.

      Print Services

      Our in-house printing services include:


      • Real Estate listing and development signage
      • Boat Lettering and Graphics
      • Vinyl Yard Signs
      • Vehicle Wraps
      • Vinyl Wall Murals
      • Promotional Signage
      • 3M Film Window Graphics
      • Banners

      Golf Course Signage

      Many courses along the Grand Strand have been using wood signs for maps, wayfinding, and tee signs which can look tired after years of exposure to coastal weather.

      Sign Restore can replace existing or develop new course signage with more weather resilient materials and maintain a timeless look to accommodate your course’s aesthetics.